Jake Baumgart : Clearance Coordinator

Born to circus acrobats, Jake was taken in by a wealthy billionaire and trained on the means streets of Gotham as his sidekick. Jake is a comic book writer, action figure monger, urban survivalist, and was recently granted the status of real boy by the blue fairy.

Marielle Brinda : Lead Editor of AFV / Fishbowl Media Digital

Marielle Brinda is a recent addition to the AFV / Fishbowl Media Digital Team. Brought on as Lead Editor, Marielle brings her passion for post and storytelling to this beloved brand. As part of a wonderful and creative team, she spends a lot of her time collaborating, brainstorming, and piecing together snippets of family life in original ways to help grow and engage with new and loyal audiences. She is very thankful to be working with the AFV staff and family and loves that much of her job entails finding and sharing the comedy of everyday life with the world. P.S. Go Cavs!

Danny Bell : Production Assistant

Danny lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his roommates and their three goats. In his spare time, he’s either napping or pretending to enjoy reading. He cooks a mean sloppy joe.

Karina Contreras: Accounting

I love traveling, going to concerts, hanging out with friends and family, photography and spending as much time as possible with my 8 month old son.

Rebecca Donohue : Head of Digital Content / Development Executive

I’ve performed stand up on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. I love working with great people to make great content.

Alex Franco : Accounting

Alex enjoys her long commute to the office.  All year she looks forward to tasting and voting in the annual VDBP Chili Cook-Off.  Her favorite clip is the little girl who needs a nap.

Janet Ghio : Vice President, Human Resources

Would-be poet & writer, BAFTA Member; believes kindness is universally best strategy; embraces individualism, the arts, vegetarianism and privacy; deplores environmental wanton destruction; seeks beach house for inspiration.

Bayard Jones : Vice President, Technology & Distribution

Early in my career, I would actually get so undone by technical issues getting in the way of the creative process that I took it upon myself to prevent this atrocity. One of my first proper gigs was with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation where – as a one-man production company – I conceived of, shot, produced and edited marketing videos on a meager municipal budget. Forced to troubleshoot and optimize systems on the fly in order to meet deadlines, I was thrust on the path of ensuring things worked without creativity, not to mention productivity, being interrupted.

Mike Jordan : IT Manager

I enjoy snowboarding, hockey, paintball, baby planking and other tough guy stuff. And I karaoke, too! I am also a repeat winner in the prestigious VDBP Chili-Cook-off.

Meg Keedy : Clearance Coordinator

Lived in Florence, Italy for five months while studying abroad in college. Saw the US men’s curling team win an Olympic bronze medal in Turin, Italy. Hopes to attend the Tour de France someday. Big fan of the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, Lions and Pistons! Favorite clip- Accidental Cup Crime (little boy freaks out when his mom says she’s going to call the cops after he accidentally took a cup from a restaurant.)

Erik Lohla : Writer, Co-Producer

Erik was born in a hospital and raised in a house and lives by the motto “Always try to have a good motto.” Invented a type of selfie where you take pictures of other people called an “other-people-ie.” Longtime writer for the Mark and Brian Radio Program, nevertime writer for Modern Family or Seinfeld. Wife, kids, blessed, yada yada yada…

Will Martz : Screener

I’m a guy who went bald at a young age, so I grew a beard instead. I like to dabble in video production and spend too much time coming up with bio information.

Mary Morris: Social Media and Digital Content Manager

Mary is a Pennsylvania native with a fondness for Amish whoopie pies. Her accolades include All-American and Academic All-American recognition in high school water polo and swimming, recipient of the Kindergarten Art Award, 12 Scoop Ice Cream Challenge champion with a record 8 minutes and 20 seconds, Founder of the Bucknell University swim club, and future best friend to Jennifer Lawrence. She also enjoys knitting, reading on the beach, writing and someday would like to take Irish dancing lessons.

Manny Moura : Senior Post Production Editor

I can create anything from a penny and a string. I am owned by a cat. I forgot to pay the mortgage on my castle in Portugal. For 500 years.

Andrea Ortega : AFV Digital Team

Andrea Ortega is a proud first generation Mexican-American and the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter, making her the oldest great-granddaughter to 4 of her great-grandparents. After working in casting for the game show “100 Latinos Dijeron” and multiple other TV shows, she has found a home at Vin Di Bona Productions. Her hobbies include working with new media and innovative technology. Her current infatuation: discovering the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality.

E.C. Pauling : Director / Associate Director

In the same Autobiography as Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Olivier. Brought out to California by Don Knotts. Worked on Broadway, Motion Pictures, and Television. I get bored easily. Party Trick: Stripper pole; need I say more. Slogan for life: My goal is to make you laugh/Put a smile on your face/So you can live a longer life. Isn’t that the goal of what we are doing? To have fun?

Stephanie J. Rondeau : Production Supervisor

Originally from Motown. Favorite AFV clip: Teen under dental anesthetic says: “We have to get gas for the spaceship. It’s okay, Gas is cheap now.” Animal lover, especially Chester our little Shih Tzu. Favorite escape ~ Poipu Kauai, Hawaii ~ swimming with sea turtles & dolphins. Technology Nerd and Athlete at heart. Worked on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for 8 years. All time Craziest Location moment: rescuing Actress Bea Arthur from her locked dressing room during a Bob Hope Special in Paris, France. Fav. Quote: Be kind, always remember EVERYTHING is Possible! HAVE FUN!

Scott Rudolph : AFV Segment Producer

Scott is a New Jersey Native, University of Miami and alum and Los Angeles adventurer. He loves cartoons, trips to Disneyland and shouting spells from Harry Potter. Rictusempra!

Yolanda Seabourne : Director of Licensing and Content Services

Owns America’s finest private collection of vintage creamer cows. Incredibly crepuscular, loquaciously logorrheic, word-geeky Leo. Confident that her cat is smarter than yours. Theater addict and co-founder of the theater cabal, Uranium Madhouse. Loves any clip where a child is terrorized by an Easter bunny or someone is thrown from a lawn tractor.

Philip Shafran : Senior Manager, Content Activation

Philip Shafran is a Los Angeles native and an avid explorer of the concrete jungle. As a child actor, he was the voice of Charlie Brown and to this day, he still loses kites in trees and cannot kick a football. He has been a part of the AFV family for over 10 years.

Krysten Swensen: Screener

A Massachusetts native who loves few things in life more than Disney, the Golden Girls and cardigans. Decided to move out to LA because there are so few writers out here. In my spare time, I watch way more Netflix than I will admit to and read anything written by Agatha Christie. Previous life goals include: teacher, chef, lawyer, marine biologist and Disney character.

Rebecca Trotter: Script Coordinator

“Things that bring joy in life: book stores, singing along to musicals, Disneyland, quilting, Shakespeare, and Comic Con.“