At Vin Di Bona Productions, we don’t rest on our television laurels, as comfy as they may be. Often described as “the show that was YouTube before there was a YouTube,” AFV has made the most of its highly sharable content.  Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphone video cameras, increased bandwidth, and the rise of social media platforms, the world is finally catching up to AFV.

When we first started collecting the funniest home videos America could provide, a video submission meant a trip to the post office where one’s carefully packaged videotape cassette was mailed off – fingers-crossed that the family memory would be safely delivered.

ToVin-Di-Bona-AFV-Digital-Alt_0000s_0000_iPhoneday, clips can be submitted via multiple platforms.  On-the-go viewers can submit through their mobile devices with the AFV app for both iOS and Android.  Submissions are also received through our website, and through our America’s Funniest Home Videos Facebook Fan Page. It’s quick and easy and viewers even receive a digital confirmation of receipt.

While technology makes recording and submitting our sharable moments quick and easy, the real story of our continued success lies in the clips themselves.  The clips on AFV are, by their very nature, social. They entertain across cultures and age groups. While often surprising they are also familiar.  We see ourselves; we recognize our family and friends. And who doesn’t enjoy pets and animals?

When our viewers engage with a video, they naturally want to share it. From a television phenomenon, AFV has grown into a social media force.  Our presence now includes:

Vin-Di-Bona-AFV-Digital-Alt_0001s_0000_Facebook Facebook, with over 6.7 million Likes and growing daily
Vin-Di-Bona-AFV-Digital-Alt_0001s_0001_Twitter Twitter (@AFVofficial) with 42,000+ followers
Vin-Di-Bona-AFV-Digital-Alt_0001s_0002_YT-Tom-Video-ImgAFVOfficial, “the official “America’s Funniest Home Videos” channel on YouTube!”
The AFV experience is also available on Google+ and Instagram.

Besides our vast owned and operated YouTube presence, is our other online anchor.  When visiting users can watch themed compilations and catch up with previous episodes.  They can also upload their clips, download our apps and keep up with us on the AFV blog.

AFV Digital is always looking for new and exciting ways to expand the AFV brand, as well as, create new digital properties with our eclectic video library. We have partnered to create original content with Maker Studios, Buzzfeed, Everything is Terrible, and many others.

In addition to our social presence, AFV has proven to be a strong product on:


Vin-Di-Bona-AFV-Digital-Alt_0002s_0001_Layer-37On YouTube, in addition to our AFV Official channel, AFV clips can be seen on no fewer than eight owned and operated channels where we have garnered 700+ million views including:

 AFV Animals, Delivering your daily fix of LOL pet clips and your favorite animal moments.

AFVKids, First step, first word, or first wildly original dance move, AFVKids celebrates babies and toddlers doing the unbelievable and hilarious.

Cute Combat, a search for the ultimate in cuteness, hosted by Lucas Cruikshank of “Fred” fame.

Orange Cabinet, a lot of great clips, all in one convenient location


At AFV, we are the future of “funny.”